I say that´s life and as funny as it may seem, some people get their kicks stepping on a dream. But I won´t let that get me down, ´cause there´s a moonriver in my bedrom and it makes me High. It´s wider than a mile and I´m in love with it. Someday all the dreams may be, where ever you´re going I´m going you´re way. Two drifters like you and me. Two strangers in the night. Just can´t seem to find their way through the moonriver. What are the chanses that we´ll be charing love before the night is through? Something in my heart told me I must have you.You are all I worship and adore, In other words please be true, In other words I love you. In other words baby kiss me.

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2009-01-22 @ 17:30:58

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